Sunday, August 3, 2008

New SoundClick Widget: Live Ozarks Bluegrass

I am the live audio engineer for a bluegrass band which regularly plays at the historic Star Theater in Willow Springs, Missouri. I occasionally bring my recording gear and simply capture the outgoing audio signal from the soundboard (before it gets further processed by the EQ). If I enjoyed the show or a few songs, I will edit the songs at home and burn a few CDs for the band members. I might even post the songs up on SoundClick and blog about it as well.

I put the SoundClick widget for those recordings up on this website today. I do not play on any of these recordings. I simply run the live sound and capture the outgoing audio from the soundboard. No extra signal processing, EQing... nothing. These are RAW sound files.

I will do some slight audio editing in Audacity and perhaps a very slight amount of EQ work. That is all I do to these files. Then I upload them to SoundClick and I'm done.

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