Sunday, August 3, 2008

TV Intro Song: New Day Ministries

A local TV program host hired me to create a video intro and outro for her TV show, which included creating an original song. I enjoyed the challenge of creating the song and video with a very limited budget and time constraints. I always have fun when I get to be creative.

I posted the mp3 version of the song in my personal SoundClick page here (click on the player below)

I uploaded the video to YouTube, but the process took F - O - R - E - V - E - R! I think YouTube would be better off having people convert their videos into FLV first, then uploading instead of the other way around. Just my $0.02 worth.

For the song: I tracked, recorded and mixed with Cakewalk's Project 5 using Dimension Pro and Amplitube for sounds and FX. I used Sony Soundforge for compressiong and mastering. I used Audacity to do last minute editing and converting to MP3 for upload to the website.

For the video I used Adobe's Premiere Pro and royaly-free video footage from iStockPhoto.

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