Saturday, January 19, 2008

Falling Down - Track Info

I'm still tweaking the vocal tracks because they just don't sound like I want them to yet. I don't know if I'll re-record or redo the FX on them. But for now I'll do a track breakdown so if anyone else wants to use similar sounds, they'll know how I created these...

  • vel drum: acoustic.simple > classic EQ > drum aux
  • dim drum: room kit 01 > amp sim: solid state clean
  • pad: dim pro:affected > amp sim: solid state distortion
  • rhodes: dim pro: rhodes 2v 4th > amplitube: asdf > classic EQ
  • piano: dim pro: tiny piano > studio verb: piano hall > sonitus EQ
  • guitar1: strat > amplitube: edged pride > classic EQ > tempo delay
  • guitar2: strat > amplitube: edged pride > classic EQ > tempo delay
  • bass: dim pro: dull fingered 1 > amplitube > classic EQ
  • vocal verse: me > De-ess > sonitusfx EQ > sonitus reverb: lg plate > FX Dynamics Processor: hard limiter
  • vocal bridge: me > De-ess > sonitusfx EQ: telephone > amplitube > FX2 Tape Sim: heavy saturation > FX Dyn Proc.: radio compression
  • vocal chorus: layered verse FX and bridge FX
I've got some nice constructive criticism of this song, and I'll attempt to incorporate them and rerelease this song when that is done. Thanks to those on the Cakewalk Project 5 Forum and Scott Garrigus' Forum!

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