Thursday, April 10, 2008

Delirious? Kingdom of Comfort Widget

I find musical inspiration from many sources. This band, Delirious?, from the UK is one of my favorites on two very different fronts:

  1. They have chosen to evangelize the true message of Christ to a generation which would most likely never set foot inside a church, and would most likely be asked to leave a church (unless it was a post-modern, cutting edge church)
  2. They have created a distinctive sound and style which is all their own, yet it can compete with their "secular" radio contemporaries (and it has to in the UK, because there is no separate "Christian" vs. "Secular" radio - it's all secular)
This band has been compared to U2 and Coldplay - two names not to scoff at (and two of my favorite bands!). There are few bands whose albums I will purchase automatically whether or not I've ever listened to a single song previously. Delirious? is one of those bands (U2 and Coldplay also qualify).

Here is a widget for the new album, Kingdom of Comfort:

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